5th Grade - December

5th Grade History - Sarah Perkins
In History class, the 5th graders are preparing to take another journey into the 15th and 16th Century. After studying what Native American life is like in the Americas, we will now begin learning about the early explorers. Using Christopher Columbus as a model, students will gather information about an explorer from France, England, Italy, or Portugal. Students will compile research about the explorer’s life and their motivations for sailing to the New World. Then, students will use this information to write captain’s logs from their explorer’s perspective. The logs will focus on the country sponsoring the trip, what life at sea was like, where they landed, the interactions with Native Americans, and what impact their trip had. We can’t wait to share this fun project with you!

5th Grade Math - Ian Jewitt
In 5th grade math we have been studying area, perimeter, multiplication strategies, and place value. After working with the concepts for a few weeks, we started learning how the Chinese number system worked. In Chinese, students need to use multiplication, addition, division, and place value skills to understand the system. Afterwards, we used our knowledge of Chinese numbers to show the various skills we had been studying and we created scrolls. The Chinese scrolls show various skills in both Chinese and English.

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